Lady Foot Locker Six:02 Comped Down Low Mid Singles, Unfortunately Breaking Its Two-year Streak Of Comp Gains.

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The Foot Locker US division itself was impacted by more than 100 basis points, but we are pleased with how well the Foot Locker team in the US navigated that headwind. Foot Locker Europe, Foot Locker Asia-Pacific, and Foot Action were the other divisions with mid single digit comps. With the performance of some exciting new stores, such as State Street in Chicago, Foot Action in total generated a double-digit sales increase. The strategy to expand our leading position in the Kids business continues to be a major contributor to our success. Although Kids Foot Locker itself produced a low single digit comp increase, with the net addition of 26 stores, total sales were up almost 10%. Sales of children's footwear in our other banners were up double digits. Lady Foot Locker SIX:02 comped down low mid singles, unfortunately breaking its two-year streak of comp gains. Although footwear sales continued to be strong, apparel was down double digits. Lifestyle apparel sold well, but we didn't keep pace with the rapid shift out of performance styles by our female customers. Runners Point and Sidestep banners continued to run off double digits, pressured by traffic declines, which seem to be, at least in part, a function of local events in Germany. Traffic was also down in our Foot Locker stores in Germany.

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